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Our Story

C&J was founded in the Summer of '13 over a couple of Steaks on the Southbank in London. It was Sunset. The setting was blissfully romantic, and Steve had that sort of look on his face Dan simply couldn't resist.

"I have an idea", Steve smirked.
"What if we joined forces and built a creative agency? Enough of this Freelancing, let's take our careers to the next level and help businesses across the globe!"

Dan nodded confidently. Their hands both reached for the pepper grinder stood tall between them, and at that moment, they'd found a name... it was simple. If Cole & Mason founded a business seasoning cuisine, Dan & Steve could do the same for the rest of the world. Take an amazing product and make it taste even better, bring flavours to life and enrich the senses of millions.

"Dan & Steve sounds too casual" Dan pondered.
"What about middle names?!" exclaimed Steven.

So with a clink of their Whiskey glasses, Crawford & John was born. It was a match made in heaven, if only they didn't have wives waiting for them back home.