Here’s why today is important…

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Today is another important day in the fight against your Internet Service Providers as more than 200 big names on the internet are standing together in support of net neutrality, fighting against the US Government’s plans to abolish the neutrality protections currently in place. When you’re busy browsing the web today, you’ll no doubt see a wealth of companies showing … Read More

We could get better, because we’re not dead yet!

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It’s out with the old, in with the new. We’ve scrapped the lot of it! Why, you ask? Well partly because we had to… It turns out, we had a near identical ampersand logo to Saatchi & Saatchi – which, before you ask, we did have before them! When we realised this late 2015, it was the perfect opportunity for … Read More

With great logos, come great responsibility.

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In the quest to work out what we wanted from a logo, a great deal of research was done trying to find out what makes a great logo great, and after more than a year spent deciding and narrowing down our ideas, we came across a range of brilliant logos, ranging from a monotone fruit, all the way up to … Read More

Something wicked this way comes…

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Last week, the U.K. voted in their masses to decide the fate of the country. I’m guessing you have seen the results by now, not to mention all of the political fallout that’s happened within just a week…if you haven’t… Where have you been hiding?! Without delving too far into the pit of arguments, we as a company supported the … Read More

Sony RX100 IV Review

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Ok, so let me first tell you this is an expensive point and shoot. However, it is the best point and shoot you can currently buy right now. The Sony RX100 IV, is a super fast, super small 20.1 MP shooter. If you have used the RX100 III then you will find some of the best features from that unit, … Read More

Are you RED(y)?

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In a digital world oversaturated with advertising and Youtube having announced Youtube Red, it was only a matter of time before search engine giants Google themselves released a concept for reducing ads. Personally, we think the concept is pretty good, the price points seem reasonable for the consumer ($2, $3 and $10) although it has not yet been confirmed how … Read More

Type Faces & Famous Faces

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We’re pretty big Adobe fans, they seem to have a solution to everything we could possibly need, in fact, we thought there was nothing left for them to offer… We were wrong. Project Faces gives you the ability to tweak or even create a brand new font from scratch, quickly and efficiently. The perfect font is a big deal when … Read More