Are you RED(y)?


In a digital world oversaturated with advertising and Youtube having announced Youtube Red, it was only a matter of time before search engine giants Google themselves released a concept for reducing ads.

Personally, we think the concept is pretty good, the price points seem reasonable for the consumer ($2, $3 and $10) although it has not yet been confirmed how much, or if it would be possible, to remove all ads. That said, lot of people currently use ad blockers to remove all advertising from their browsers, so what would encourage them to pay for this service?

As internet marketers, however, it is likely to make our work 10x more difficult. As it stands currently, a lot of work goes into creating adverts that are eye-catching and memorable, as well as strategically using PPC to ensure the message is seen by the right people at the right time – we have to be ready for the next step.

In regards to supporting websites and creators monetarily, this new model should benefit those who previously generated revenue through adverts on their sites. It is unclear how much is going to go to the website owners, but with AdSense rates being notoriously low, things can only get better, right?!

It will be interesting to see how the US responds to it over the next few months and whether it is something that will be adopted by the UK market soon too.