Here’s why today is important…


Today is another important day in the fight against your Internet Service Providers as more than 200 big names on the internet are standing together in support of net neutrality, fighting against the US Government’s plans to abolish the neutrality protections currently in place.

When you’re busy browsing the web today, you’ll no doubt see a wealth of companies showing their support, including the likes of Google, Amazon and even Pornhub (so there is no escaping the issue ????).

For those who don’t know, net neutrality is the idea that the data on the web is all treated equally, that no matter whether its something from your family or your bank, a connection to stream Netflix, or shop online, all of the data is treated the same, and no ISPs are allowed to throttle or block certain content providers.

Even though politically this is a US issue, this could have global impact, many of the companies and services we’ve grown to love are US-based, and who’s to say that just because we are outside of the US we wouldn’t feel any impact. Additionally, and more importantly, this could have a lasting impact in the form of other governments and ISPs following suit around the world.

I’m not going to go into too much detail on this blog, because honestly, there’s others who do a much better job, like this great article from The Guardian  and, of course, the Battle for the Net website.

Also, well worth listening to Mozilla’s IRL podcast on the issue.