Inspiration, or how to be a successful work in progress. (Working Title)


Generally, in life and as human beings, we get stuck in a routine, set patterns and our lives are busier than ever before. It then becomes harder and harder to find solutions to our problems, or inspiration to help with our designs. Inspiration, is defined in the dictionary as the process that takes place when somebody sees or hears something that causes them to have exciting new ideas or makes them want to create something, especially in art, music or literature.

There are a few tips and tricks I have learned along the way, to try and help me find inspiration in the middle of a client’s work. Hopefully, you can use some of these to your own advantage and push you through that creative funk.

1. GET OUT!!!!
Seriously, get outside. Getting outside not only removes you from your little creative bubble but increases the blood flow to the brain and helps you think about new ideas. Nature is full of wonderful shapes and colours, all of which you might find work there way into your current or next project. If you don’t live in an area where it is easy to go out and soak up the world, try and go to a different room, sit on the floor and close your eyes. Try and visualise nature and remove yourself from the situation.

Don’t be so precious about your work! I have always been a firm believer than anyone, and I mean anyone, from your partner to your mother-in-law, anyone can have creative input. We as designers can be so enveloped in an idea, we can see the forest through the tree’s, and it takes a fresh pair of eyes to be able to move the project on. If you feel like you have hit a wall, talk to someone, find out if they have any creative input that might help you out.

Too often I hear, “I can’t do it”, or the classic “I can’t”, why not switch your questioning to “What if?”. What if I changed the shape? What if it was blue instead of red? You don’t know until you try asking questions, switching your thinking from being negative into a more positive way of thinking.

Bring out the funk! There are many studies that show the link between music and creativity are well established. Find something that stimulates you, a couple of your favourite tracks, and if you can play it loud and have a dance, then why not?! Refresh yourself and your mind, play something that suits your current workflow, there are many apps that enable you to create a playlist so get creating.

Over here in the C & J space, we have a couple of playlists that are staples in our daily routines, and really help us out when we need some inspiration.