Something wicked this way comes…


Last week, the U.K. voted in their masses to decide the fate of the country. I’m guessing you have seen the results by now, not to mention all of the political fallout that’s happened within just a week…if you haven’t… Where have you been hiding?!

Without delving too far into the pit of arguments, we as a company supported the ‘In’ Campaign – we’re stronger together! But, what’s done is done and we can’t change the decision of the majority. The only constructive thing to do now is to look forward and prepare for a very tough ride ahead. Ultimately, no one knows what is to come; there could be some serious issues were facing in both the short and long term, but that being said, there could also be some great opportunities just around the corner!

Being a part of the EU means having to abide by all of their laws, some of which may not be in the UK’s best interest. There are some odd laws, like how curved a Banana is allowed to be (…what?!), and there are many, many great laws around working conditions and human rights. But, my point is, we have an opportunity to change rules that may benefit the UK, and hopefully UK businesses. We work regularly with clients who sell products that are classed as ‘high risk’ within the EU, despite international experts ruling otherwise about them. The EU therefore restricts the amount/types of marketing we are permitted to do with the client, and coming out of the EU could potentially allow those restrictions to be changed.

In addition, the IT sector in the UK relies heavily on the EU for free movement to bring security experts, web and app developers etc. into the UK. Potential restrictions on free movement in and out of the UK could open up lucrative opportunities within the UK from companies in need of a helping hand.

That being said, we are increasingly worried about our access to the single market in the long term. Whilst we currently work primarily with UK-based companies, we have worked internationally and it has been in our plan to explore trade and service opportunities internationally in the coming years, and not to mention the impact restrictions to the single market could have on our current e-commerce client-base.

So only time will tell, really. There is a lot of uncertainty about the future of the U.K, and all we can do is wait to see what happens. We just need to keep our eye on the ball and look for the potential opportunities that may come out of a rather gloomy situation…