Sony RX100 IV Review


Ok, so let me first tell you this is an expensive point and shoot. However, it is the best point and shoot you can currently buy right now. The Sony RX100 IV, is a super fast, super small 20.1 MP shooter. If you have used the RX100 III then you will find some of the best features from that unit, inside the MK IV, which includes the F1.8 – 2.8 24 – 70mm equivalent lens (Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T*), built in ND filter, tilting 180° 3” LCD screen and Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity.

So now I have some of the older specs out of the way, let me talk to you about some of the more unique features of the MK IV. This camera does shoot 4K, which is insane for a camera this size, with full sensor readout and 100Mbps bit rates, however, it only shoots for 5 mins. This is an annoying little set back, but truth be told I haven’t shot a lot of 4K footage, not because of this annoyance just simply because I don’t see the need just yet. There isn’t a great amount of devices that can currently take advantage of the 4K footage, especially mobile devices, so it feels a little wasted. Don’t get me wrong the 4K could come in handy if you wanted to crop in on some sweet video you are shooting, but for me, right now it is just … a nifty little feature.

We also have an electronic viewfinder (EVF), now it is similar to the MK III it it’s design, but it is a higher resolution. For the who haven’t used an EVF before, it is a wonderfully strange experience where you see all the changes you make. Now, going from the Nikon D7100 or any DSLR for that matter, where you see nothing, it is fantastic to be able to see the image before you hit the shutter, it takes some getting used to but it is really, really fantastic.

Last but not least, and something you can’t see or tangibly feel, is the the power behind everything. Now in a point and shoot, more power, you might not think is needed however, this is where the RX100 IV set’s itself apart and also allows for 16FPS and also that 4K recording.

One of the first things you will notice when you first pick up this camera, is the size, this camera is small, I mean not like GoPro small but comfortable. It feels great sat in your hands, and also it is built really really well, with a good weight to it. It feels substantial in your hands, which going from a DSLR is a comfort and transition, and doesn’t feel cheap and plastic. One thing you will have to get used to is, there isn’t a natural grip, because of the sleek metallic build it doesn’t leave anywhere to grip the camera. You can grab an accessory to help this, but I am used to holding the camera and ALWAYS have my lanyard wrapped around my wrist.

What you have to remember is that this IS a compact camera so it does have its caveats, small buttons on the back, on board battery being pushed to capacity, etc etc but you do have a 180° selfie screen for all your YouTube vlogging. It kinda makes sense that they didn’t go with a side mounted option in this case, to keep everything as compact as possible. Some real thought has gone into this devices hardware and it is an absolute joy to use.

Frankly, there is no forgetting the price on this device, however, look at some of the alternatives and they are built of plastic and feel like a plaything or don’t offer half the features the RX100 IV offers. So it is, for me, a simple choice, I would pick this camera any day. The extra EVF resolution in this model is greatly appreciated and also the 4K recording is pretty great in a pocket camera. This is a great little camera to have in your pocket to capture the big and small moments in your life and it is built to last. I would be interested to see what the RX100 V brings to the table to improve an already stellar device.