Type Faces & Famous Faces


We’re pretty big Adobe fans, they seem to have a solution to everything we could possibly need, in fact, we thought there was nothing left for them to offer…

We were wrong.

Project Faces gives you the ability to tweak or even create a brand new font from scratch, quickly and efficiently. The perfect font is a big deal when you’re trying to carve out a brand identity, and when you do it well, people could see any random word written in that particular fort and know exactly where it is from.

Being able to custom design fonts for our clients opens up a whole world of possibilities! We can’t wait until it’s available to have a play with – let’s just hope it is as easy as it seems!

If that doesn’t win you over, actual Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec is in the video and he is just the epitome of awesome!

You can also watch the video here and let us know what you think.