We could get better, because we’re not dead yet!


It’s out with the old, in with the new. We’ve scrapped the lot of it! Why, you ask? Well partly because we had to…

It turns out, we had a near identical ampersand logo to Saatchi & Saatchi – which, before you ask, we did have before them! When we realised this late 2015, it was the perfect opportunity for us to have a small brand refresh!


Despite it being something we do day in, day out, it turns out, re-designing our own brand was a LOT harder when you’re as fussy as we are! This past year, we have gone through countless brand concepts from gothic to minimalistic, colourful to monochromatic, each one being miles from where we were last. The challenge was finding a balance between something we could agree on as an agency and something that we didn’t want to keep on tweaking. It’s like when you look at a word for too long and it just stops being a word, each concept we created went from “OH WOW, THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER” to “Wow… did we really think this was good last week?”.

As we’ve fleshed out our brand and website over these last few months, I’ve realised that it all boils down to one thing, our strive to better ourselves. Without sounding cliché, this is exactly what it is, or putting it in layman’s terms, we’re just never bloody happy with what we do. It comes from a good place – it comes from us wanting to be the best we can and wanting to represent ourselves in the most amazing way possible, but ultimately, we have to realise that its a journey and that we can only keep on getting better as times goes on.

What we loved about our last brand

Everything! Well, not all the time. I loved the logo in long form and that all stems from how we came to be a company, sat in a Jazz Club on The Southbank in London, but that’s a story for another time… Our former long-format logo celebrated some of our long-standing beliefs about tradition and timelessness through its more traditional serif typeface, whilst, at the same time adding a sense of modernity through its flat ui shadow on the ampersand.


We then decided we needed some colour in the site and logo, after all we are a creative agency! That’s where our short-form logo came from with the near-cyan background. It also paved the way for a website that was bursting with colour and 3d objects.


Whilst the short-form logo was fine, to me, that’s all it was. It was in-keeping with design trends with the oh so popular ampersand logos whilst still maintaining its classic serif font and flat ui shadow, but I just never fell in-love with it and still to this day I can’t quite put my finger on why.

So, we have a new brand, and a shiny new website showing off our super shiny simple services (did you like the alliteration? ????). Let us know what you think in the comments below! No doubt in a few months we’ll be commenting ripping it to shreds! haha.

Inspiration for the blog title… and life in general: